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The Ice Box is more than your average ice cream shop. True, we sell a huge range of delicious Cornish icecreams made only 3 miles away at Callestick; true to we serve 'Mr Whippy' icecreams in an array of styles, but we also: 

  • Stock a huge range of American sweet treats - including Twinkies, Hershey's, Reeces, Pop Tarts, and many more.

  • Are the only Perranporth stockist of the incredibly popular Dog icecream - Billy and Margot's.

  • Serve Propur Cornish cream teas with Rodda's cream.

  • Have a delightful array of delicious cakes and desserts.

  • Have books and colouring-in activities for children (and for big children)

  • Are super-friendly!

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